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The stakes have never been higher for open-source software security. With millions of people around the world relying on open source software — and vulnerabilities like Heartbleed putting everyone at risk — it's time to change the way we support, protect, and fortify open software.

Millions of dollars of shared vigilance.

With our Core Infrastructure Initiative, we're taking a collaborative, pre-emptive approach for strengthening cyber security. Many industry giants signed on to harden the security of key open source projects.

Today, a world-class team of security experts helps the Core Infrastructure Initiative identify and fund open source projects that we all rely upon, whether it’s conducting an audit to pinpoint potential weaknesses or collaborating on code to harden security practices.

Meet our security experts.

Ben Laurie

Senior Member of Security Team at Google

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Bruce Schneier

Security Technologist and Author

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Greg Kroah-Hartman

Fellow, Linux Foundation

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Matt Green

Assistant Research Professor at Johns Hopkins University

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Michael Howard

Senior Principal Cybersecurity Architect at Microsoft

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Robert Seacord

Secure Coding Technical Manager, CERT Division of Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

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Tim Ritter

Practice Director at NCC Group's Cryptography Services

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Join us.

With your help, we can speed the pace of open-source innovation while dramatically reducing global threats to online security. In just one year, we've already seen a decrease in the number of bugs in funded projects and built a coalition of committed industry partners. Join us today, and protect the future of computing for generations to come.