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InfoWorld: Linux Foundation Tackles Open Source Security with New Badge Program

By In the News

InfoWorld writer Fahmida Y. Rashid interviews Nicko van Someren, chief technology officer of The Linux Foundation about The Core Infrastructure Initiative’s Best Practices Badge program.

Businesses increasingly rely on open source software, but they usually don’t have a way to tell if developers are following secure coding practices, how they handle vulnerabilities and security updates, or how stable the software is. The CII Best Practices Badge program gives businesses answers to these questions.

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CIO: CII’s Best Practices Badge Program is Making Open Source Projects More Secure

By In the News

Swapnil Bhartiya provides an overview of the CII Best Practices Badges Progam.

While open source projects boast of being more secure compared to proprietary solutions, the fact is not every project has resources or mechanism to ensure security. In many cases there are not enough eyeballs to render all bugs shallow.

CII enables technology companies, industry stakeholders and esteemed developers to collaboratively identify, fund and improve the security of critical open source projects.

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